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Dead End Gypsies
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Hello Friends, we are a rock 'n' roll band from Los Angeles California called DEAD END GYPSIES. We're looking to play shows and think your event is a great opportunity and we would like to participate in it and rock the house as hard as possible!!!!

We bring a complete show with: Stage props, Lights, Fog Machines, confetti blasters, balloons, etc ( if you think this is too much for your place, we don't have to use the props to play a great show!!! ). The venues we usually play at have a PA system but we can provide our own if necessary. We can play as a headlining act or support for other bands.

We have played in several venues all around the Los Angeles area, ( and touring soon!!! ) from house parties to the Hollywood's biggest venues, we have been direct support for national touring acts and also the headlining act, our music is contagious and likeable by our fans ranging in ages from 10 - 80 years old.