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Samuel Lozada as Mo Beat Blues
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Want something different and really captivating? Well. The Mo Beat Blues Show is EXACTLY THAT!

Featuring familiar songs remade to fit a high energy style of performance. This dynamic duet is a match made in heaven delivering soulful vocals impressive harmonica solos a sprinkle of comedic antidotes and an up-beat blend of Blues, Jazz, R&B, Country, Swing, and Rat Pack. With over 3 hours of music to choose from, Samuel is a real pro, an engaging and natural entertainer that really knows how to read a crowd and keep them involved!


Samuel has been touted "the Louis Armstrong of the harmonica." This is something much more than just the Blues. "Refreshing! Stimulating! Really Different! "

This is a full-time professional entertainment group that performs over 250 shows a year and specializing in Corporate Events, Dinner and A Show, Cafes, Restaurants, Trade Shows, Senior Entertainment, Expositions, Festivals, Private Parties, Anniversary Parties, etc.

This show is "family friendly" and will please any age group. guaranteed! Mo' Beat Blues loves it's 95% encore performance rate from their enthralled audiences that just don't want it to be over.

They are fully equipped with power amp and sound system, minimal space requirements, and consistently provide the sound and energy of a 5 piece band, with less hassle and a bigger BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!


"Residents of Portage, IN, the couple presents a full-throttle show of jazz, soul, R&B, country, swing and Rat Pack. Janice plays percussion, and Samuel is a harmonica-playing, sunglasses-wearing blues man. "

"Though it was a blues program, the music was up beat and fun."

"I attended your performance at Drendel Ballroom in Sun City, Huntley, last Tuesday. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. I enjoyed the show and hope you will come back again. I was impressed by your musical versatility and your interpretations. Your lovely wife is a powerhouse of grace and movement. "

"We had Mr. Lozada from Mo' Beat Blues at our Supportive Living Facility for a Halloween party of over 80 people, and not only did he have them up dancing and clapping along with his killer jams but he had 'em laughing in between. And he also kept up with some special requests! It was a rockin' time and we cannot wait to have Mo' Beat Blues back!"

"Great harmonica player!”

“Samuel, really kept the show moving with his jokes intertwined with the singing.”

“When can we have them back?"

"Thank you very much for your great performance. Our group thoroughly enjoyed you. It was fun and uplifting. Lots of great comments as they were leaving. Anytime my group leaves happy, I know I have done my job. You made that possible yesterday. Thanks again."


Sample Play List - Original music created and downloaded on to backtrack for ease. All solos performed live with the harmonica. the best harmonica sounds you ever encountered. guaranteed!

Sweet Home Chicago
Mustang Sally
Blue Suede Shoes
Blues Before Sunrise
Soul Man
Got My Mojo Working
Days of Old
What A Wonderful World

Apple Tree
Gonna Move Across The River
I Got Everything I Need, Almost
Nobody Knows You
'Till There Was You
Peel Me a Grape
Nosy Joe
New York City
Rockin' Robin

Toe Tappin', hand clappin', feet dancin' good time! You have to see it to believe it!!