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Professional Entertainment Consultants Featuring DJ Terry Z has been providing a first rate premium DJ service since 1983. With years of experience in private parties, wedding receptions, corporate events and much more, we bring the entertainment you'll enjoy the most.

Personalized Service: It's our commitment to provide the most personalized service possible with a show catered to your specific needs. Our extensive collection of music covers over 20,000 selections of all styles. We'll assist you with everything from planning the special songs and dedications to the presentation of the music. We provide you with a comprehensive song selection list to get you started but please add any songs that don't appear! With your assistance in advance we are able to do an exceptional job every time. With our exclusive PEC™ Event Planning Forms, Customized to your event, you'll be able to give us great information on just how you'd like your event to go!

High Quality Sound: We are dedicated to providing clean true sound reproduction with commercial, studio quality CD sound systems. Our Premium Package is ideal for everything from a small audience up to 400 people or more. For larger groups, you'll want our extended sound package.

Customize To Fit Your Needs: Our Premium Package is perfect for most events, but you may wish to add custom features to fit your special needs and taste. We offer everything from custom lighting packages to extended sound to hosted Laser Disc Karaoke.

Professional Black Tie DJs: Our DJ entertainers are the heart of our success. By hiring select entertainers with sparkling personalities, it ensures a great time at your event. Your DJ is there to make your event happen the way you'd like it!

Our professional DJ's always:

Act as emcees' to make announcements and introductions

Bring emergency backup equipment
Come well-dressed in either tuxedos, suit & tie,

or dressed to impress in neat, casual clothes.

Selecting Your Music.

We'll ask you to complete our comprehensive song selection and event planning work sheets. Our deejays bring a case of hundreds of CD's with them to ensure that most, if not all, requests will be played on the spot! By letting us know your special requests in advance we can customize the entertainment to your tastes. Below are just some of the categories of music that you can choose from. Communicating to us what you want to hear is important in making your fun-filled event a success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I give up if I go only with the $695.00 service?

Nothing. $695.00 is all-inclusive for our premium service including an experienced DJ entertainer, your choice of music, an exceptional all digital sound system, lighting, and an evening custom tailored to your taste. You can pay more. much more with other services, but you won't get more!

Do you have backup equipment?

YES, each DJ brings an extra power amplifier, CD player, and speakers.

Can we give you CD's and select the songs we want played?

Yes, putting post-it notes on each disc seems to work well, and also helps us a great deal.

Can we leave the song selection up to your discretion and just give you a rough idea such as mellow jazz during dinner, disco & funk for dancing?


Can you help us with keeping to our schedule?

No problem. A big part of our job is to help coordinate your program to keep it flowing in a smooth and pleasant manner - and on time. We'll make important announcements and introductions, and keep the photographer and/or videographer informed as to what happens next!

We went to a friend's wedding recently and the deejay was doing fine in the beginning. Then, when people started to dance and jump around a little bit, the CD's began to skip. We're concerned about that.

PEC DJ Company's sound systems utilize brand new, state of the art components. Our dual CD players have a 20-second anti-shock memory built in - the music never stops! We also use the latest technology UHF wireless microphones. They can be put on a stand or passed to a guest on the other side of the room without any feedback.

Will your deejay be loud and talk a lot?

Our professional deejays are specially trained to be courteous, friendly, and low-key. This approach seems to work best for wedding receptions and other formal affairs. For high octane affairs, PEC DJ Co. knows how to turn up the heat too!

What do you mean by lighting?

We recommend a modest lighting set-up for all occasions. Just four medium-sized spotlights and a multi beam effect can play a vital role in getting a party started, and will add color and excitement to any occasion. Lights can be turned off, or even dimmed, if the situation warrants it. Our professionally trained deejays know when to use the effects, and most importantly, when not to use them.

What will the DJ wear?

You can decide if you'd like. The three choices would be: Casual (but nice), Semi-formal (suit & tie), or Formal (tuxedo). We own all of our custom-fitted tuxedos.

What about a mirror ball, confetti, streamers, fog machines, etc.?

We do, on occasion, use these effects, but only for certain events. Typically, these would include large dances and corporate parties. You can let us know whether this is something you'd like to have.

Is there a separate charge for the time it takes to set up and break down the equipment?

Our price quote includes everything – NO SURCHARGES OR HIDDEN COSTS!

What Format do you use?

Yes, we use an all Digital format for the highest quality sound, while allowing us to carry a huge library or requests for you.

What Style Can We Play For You!

Professional Entertainment Consultants maintains an extensive music library covering all styles. Many of our clients ask for some help in selecting specific music that will be enjoyable to the guests they've invited. You will want to give us as much direction as possible with your favorite songs, styles of music and artists so we can cater the music to your tastes throughout the event. Your DJ will mix the music in response to what the audience will enjoy most at the time. It would likely not work well if you chose every song the DJ is to play and in what order. The pace of the music is crucial to the success of the event and it's impossible to predict in advance which songs should be played at a given time. This does not apply of course to such events as first dance, special dedications, etc. In this case, of course, we do want to know which song or songs you'd like and approximately when. Also, if you'd like 2-3 songs played together in a certain order at a given time this works just fine. Even though you will give us a plan for the event, as you may guess, timing of specific selections at a party or reception is rarely exact. This is why your versatile DJ is able to custom mix the music to the flow of the event. We've put together a list to help you get started, which includes popular songs of all styles compiled over a number years performing at events of all kinds. It does not include the most current Top 40 selections as these are always changing. The list is only to get you started and it is certainly not all-inclusive. You'll also find space to write in songs or artists you'd like to hear that may not appear on the list. Take your time putting together an outline for the event including both the music and how you'd like it presented.

Party Songs, Cocktail Hour, Dinner Music, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Disco Hits, Club Mix, Romantic Wedding Ballads, Hits of The 80's, Big Band & Blues, Country, 60's and 70's Soul, Oldies, Modern Rock, Reggae, 80's Pop, Roots Rock, Salsa.
We also provide music for wedding ceremonies!

What Do Our Clients Say?

Of course our clients are our most important critics and they seem to agree. We've included the comments our clients have made following a few recent performances.

“An ideal choice for our wedding reception. Attention to detail was paid at every turn, from the pre-wedding consultation to the evening's rousing conclusion! The presentation featuring fantastic sound and elegant lighting effects ensured that all guests - from eight to eighty, were thoroughly entertained throughout the evening. Our DJ's professionalism, both in manner and appearance, garnered many compliments from our friends and relatives. Thanks again to King DJ Company!

-Billy Douglas

“Hi Clem, Thank you! You picked the best songs, and your Halloween costumes were so fun. What a fun job to watch people have fun! The New York, New York finale was especially touching, thank you. I hope you will be our personal DJ for years to come. .three parties in 2002 - my son graduates from dental school, a summer luau, and of course the history-making Halloween party. We hope you'll join in as a friend. If you ever need a reference, please call on me. Take care and we'll see you soon.”

-Sandy Henderson

“You are the greatest! Thank you so much for making my wedding great! I am going to highly recommend you to my friends that are getting married next year. I hope you had fun too! Thank you!”

-Paige Fallis

“Dan was an excellent DJ on Saturday night. He played the perfect music and did a great job following/leading the crowd with the style of music. I know I'm a picky customer; I think it says a lot about Dan that he was able to read what I wanted in a DJ and execute well. Many thanks to you and him for contributing to a great wedding.”

- Eric

“Just wanted to drop you off a quick note to say how well our reception went, and what a great job Jason did for us that day. The music was just what we wanted - not too loud, and always playing. Jason was able to play most of our requests, and mixed in a few songs that surprised us. Many of our guests danced that day, including a few of the older ones (a nice surprise). Jason kept moving too, which was nice to see. Another heart-felt thanks from the both of us. We'll certainly pass your name around to all our friends when their turn comes! Best wishes!”

Lily and Manny