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We are a five piece high intensity band. We do covers from many genres as needed for a job. Our main work is in rock and roll. We perform songs from Santana, REO, Journey, Jett, Etheridge, Little Feat, Kiss, Vaughn, Adele, to name a few. We also step over into country with songs from Twain, Raitt, Sugarland just to spotlight a few as well. We do big band for those weddings and anniversaries that call for them, as well . We do some crowd involvement songs such as Red Solo Cup, which has been a huge success. We do a cover of "White Rabbit" that has never failed to bring the house down; we can't quite figure out why. but it always does. We also know a large number of 50's and 60's tunes and throw in a couple of 70's as well. We are a pretty eclectic band and can put on a show for our crowd or be "the band" that is heard, but not in the forefront.

We are comprised of drums, keys, lead and bass drums as well as various percussion. The lead singer is a female and the other members are male. All the men have leads as well as we all take turns singing back-up. We have a full, tight sound and most of our following loves to come and listen to our vocals.

We have been together with this group for many years and play in the area. Our most recent jobs have been at Rileys in Elmhurst and Manhattan's in Carol Stream - both in Illinois. You can check out our facebook page for the photos and see how our following interacts with us.