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Marshal Manlove - Comedy Hypnotist
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Marshal Manlove is a certified Hypnotherapist, founder of First State Hypnosis in Delaware, and a former local sports television show host. He brings a unique and witty twist with him on stage to his hypnosis and mentalism shows.

The hypnosis show is not just a series of the same little sketches one would see in most hypnotism shows. This show takes volunteers on a skillfully planned journey through their minds and is an event, not a demonstration.

The mentalism show entertains your guests with predictions, mind reading, and other psychic phenomena.

For an hour or two at a party, a club, or any other group function, consider hosting one of the shows that have been performed from AC to DC to NYC to Las Vegas and internationally.

Shows range from G rated to R rated and are crafted according to our hosts desires.

Booking someone for your event who has a deep childhood passion for what they do will make all of the difference between equally talented acts.

Now Marshal even teaches hypnosis to others at his school, The American School of Hypnosis, Delmarva.