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Roc-reation is a dynamic trio that puts their signature on pop, rock, blues, R&B hits from the 50s through the 90s sprinkled with some top 40. All three are seasoned musicians that have been playing professionally and have frequented the west Chicago suburban clubs (Quigley's, O'Malley's, Crosstown, Charlie Horse, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Mullen's and others). On guitar is the "take no prisoners" Bruce with his kick ass leads, smooth melodies and slick SRV licks. Lenny drives the tunes with his awesome bass riffs. And Steve provides the the steady back beat along with some rockin fills. Vocals feature Lenny with his smooth voice that will make the ladies swoon. Bruce complements Lenny with his rough but inspiring crooning along with melodic harmonies. To add to the fun, Roc-reation uses electronic innovations (not pre-recorded tracks) to make this trio sound more like a 5 or 6 piece band. Listen to amazing sax and flute solos on the bass and and hear bass lines coming from the drums. Roc-reation is dedicated to your rock and roll recreation.