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Evil Wayz
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Evil Wayz entertains a wide variety of audiences with their talent and contagious energy performing classic rock favorites. Each Member brings over 15 years of performance experience and musicianship to the stage having fun every minute of every show.

To stay innovative, the Members are constantly improving their show with new material and features, exciting musical arrangements and an intense energy level to lure future Fans and to keep their existing Fans coming back.

Evil Wayz covers songs from the entire rock and alternative spectrum catering to the specific venue and audience. The Evil Wayz Song List gives a flavor of the eclectic musical selections in Evil Wayz repertoire.

Evil Wayz is propelled by the extensive musical performance experience of all members.

What makes Fans stick with the band? Maybe it's the exciting musical arrangements and Evil Wayz intense energy level or they're just fun to watch. Who can say?

You'll have to see them in person to know for sure!

Evil Way. . "Classic Rock N Roll Favorites Performer" is ranked in the Top 10 among bands in Chicago.

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"So Good . They're Evil !" Best Bands in Chicago

EVIL WAYZ is a professional band that provides live entertainment to get everyone on the dance floor. Providing lighting, sound, special effects as well as mobile DJ services.