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Crytzers Blue Rhythm Band
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Glenn Crytzer and his Syncopators and Crytzer's Blue Rhythm Band: America's Most Authentic Vintage Jazz.

Glenn Crytzer's jazz bands perform the music of the hot jazz and swing era with authenticity and excitement. Since their inception 5 years ago, the groups have become two of the nation's premiere groups performing the music of this era, wining over the hearts and feet of listeners and dancers from Coast to Coast.

The Syncopators are Crytzer's small combo. The standard sized group is 6 pieces, but the group is also available in trio, quartet, and quintet format for events. The group is only available as a trio or sextet for concertizing. The Blue Rhythm Band is Crytzer's 13 piece group which plays music from the same era as the Syncopators, fully orchestrated for big band!

Crytzer's groups provide their audiences with a one-of-a-kind of musical experience. The musicians in the band live and breathe vintage swing; having learned from studying the records of the great bands of the swing era, but you'll never hear the band give a note for note performance of an old recording. Instead, Crytzer encourages his musicians to bring their own personalities and musical ideas to their performance while working within the framework of the style of the swing era. The band performs vintage arrangements which allow musicians to solo freely, as well as new songs and arrangements composed in the vintage style. This allows the audience to experience a truly authentic performance which combines stylistic integrity with the individuality and spontaneity that is an integral part of the jazz ethos.

Just a few of the Syncopators' performance credits include past and upcoming appearances at The Redwood Cost Jazz Festival, Camp Jitterbug, the Washington D.C. Lindy Exchange, Midwest Lindy Fest, Lindy Focus, The Sun Valley Jazz Festival, and Midsummer Nights Swing at Lincoln Center, in addition to many other concerts and festivals around North America.