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Drake Witham
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Drake Witham is a hilarious headlining comedian who has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central, Live at Gotham, Comedy.TV and numerous other television shows. Additionally, Drake is a favorite at corporate events, clubs, cruise ships and private parties because of his professionalism and ability to adapt his material to any setting. Whether it be as a host, a Master of Ceremonies, the thread at a sales meeting conference, trade shows or simply performing his stand up comedy routine, Drake always enhances any event.

Drake Witham says, “Don't quit your day job. Get fired.” If only he had followed his own advice when he followed his dream of stand-up comedy, he could've collected unemployment for a couple of months.

Had he stayed on as reporter, his dead-on impressions of his editors or his sharp tongue probably would've got him canned soon enough.

“Once I heard a boss say, ‘I'm just thinking out loud' and I said ‘that's called talking.' I'm pretty sure he wanted to fire me. out loud.”

But Witham left on his own terms pursuing comedy in LA.

“Which means I became a temp. There's nothing more empowering than being paid to NOT care.”

For one of the few times ever, this temp career was temporary. Within two years of starting stand-up he won the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition.

The ability to point out the inane with the attitude that none of us have to put up with it and a dead-pan delivery gets him work at clubs, corporate events, cruise ships, and private parties across the country and around the world. Clubs owners love his smart, clean material. Audiences love that he makes fun of himself. Pointing to his head he asks “does this strike anyone as a SUPERcut?”

The industry has taken notice. The former journalist has become a regular on television. You may have seen him on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham or on one of his several appearances on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He's also appeared on Byron Allen's and has performed for the troops in the Middle East and Europe. Witham's not planning on quitting comedy anytime soon and at this rate he's not likely to get fired.

Live at Gotham Comedy Central
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Multiple Appearances) CBS (Byron Allen's Stand up Show) Entertainment Studios
A Psychic, a Skeptic and Dog Named Courage Skeptic
Winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition
Finalist - Great American Comedy Festival honoring Johnny Carson

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