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Water The Bamboo Center For Leadership with Greg Bell
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"In his new book Water The Bamboo®, Greg Bell takes a unique and joyful approach to time-tested management concepts. Greg's distinctive outlook on maximizing your potential will propel you toward significant growth in both life and work. A truly enjoyable book."
— Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

Greg Bell, CSP, is a recognized thought leader, author of Water The Bamboo®: Unleashing The Potential Of Teams And Individuals, and founder of the Water The Bamboo Center For Leadership. As an innovator and keen observer of highly successful leaders and teams, he distilled his findings into the Water The Bamboo® approach to success. Through his entertaining and content-driven keynotes and seminars, Greg has encouraged and inspired thousands of leaders and teams to identify and water their bamboo to create remarkable results.

Greg learned the virtues of discipline and hard work from his grandfather, a Texas farmer. Greg was the first in his family to graduate from college; he played basketball at the University of Oregon where he was twice named Inspirational Player of the Year. After receiving a political science and law degree from the University of Oregon, he practiced law within a large organization.

Personal events inspired him to re-evaluate his life and priorities, and he helped launch the Coaches vs. Cancer campaign for the National Association of Basketball Coaches-a non-profit that has raised over 50 million dollars for cancer research.

Greg has become a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader. He teaches Water The Bamboo® through his books, blog, and over 80 speaking engagements a year to help leaders and teams unlock their unlimited potential for growth. Greg is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest earned designation for the National Speakers Association and International Federation of Professional Speakers. Only 10% of speakers have earned this designation.

Starting as a personal mantra, Water The Bamboo® has evolved through the daily practice and hard-earned success of the leaders, coaches, high-performing individuals, and teams who have embraced the philosophy. Greg and Water The Bamboo® were featured on a Public Broadcasting special that aired on stations across the country.

Simply put, Greg is a problem solver who will help you and your organization flourish. Water The Bamboo® is not a feel-good philosophy; it's about seeing the world in a new and profound way for better results.

Greg lives, works, and plays in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three daughters, whose middle names are Grace, Hope, and Joy.

What They're Saying

"Whatever your professional 'bamboo' is, Water The Bamboo® can help you and your team achieve tremendous growth."
— Mark Few, Head Basketball Coach, Gonzaga University

"Great experience, wonderful energy and fun!"
— Elizabeth LeMay, Director of Apparel Operations, Nike

"Greg's ideas about maximizing potential and living into your values resonated with our leaders. If you are looking to connect your leaders with success attributes, Greg would make an excellent keynote speaker for your next leadership meeting."
— Kim Barger, Human Resources Manager, Allstate

"Greg's presentation was a large highlight of our kick-off event. Each person walked away from the presentation with a newfound energy for both work and personal lifestyles. It will be hard to top in upcoming events!"
— Stephanie Huston-Robertson, Market Communication Manager, AT&T Mobility

Attendees at the ALA Region 5 Conference said, "'What a powerful speaker! He caught our attention and maintained it throughout the session.' 'Greg was not only a good motivator, but his common logic, passion for life, and understanding of self and human value was refreshing' and 'he is engaged and engaging, focuses on what is truly attainable and positive, and challenges the audience to believe in their leadership potential.'"
- Attendees at the Region 5 Conference, Association of Legal Administrators

"Greg helps us all remember what we can do to positively impact others and that we are all miracles in our own right."
— Jim Doane, Training Manager, Nationwide

"Greg Bell's 'Unleash Your Potential - Revitalize Your Team' Education Session was a huge hit at our 2010 National Association of Electrical Distributors LEAD Conference! I would highly recommend Greg to any organization wishing to inspire their leaders to set a clear vision, well defined goals and a solid action plan necessary to achieve breakthrough results."
- Vito DiMaio, Conference Chair, National Association of Electrical Distributors (Leadership Enhancement and Development Conference)

"It was absolutely more than what we expected. I was very impressed with the preparedness that Greg and his team did. The presentation itself knocked everybody out. I caught some on TED and on video before the meeting, and the in-person is way beyond that. I would recommend it to anybody."
— Bob Proffitt, President & COO, Alpha Broadcasting (KINK, KXL, KBFF, KXTG, KUPL, KXFD)

"Working with Greg and having him present his concepts, perspectives and suggestions was an insightful and enjoyable experience. His personal approach, ability to quickly understand our profession, and deliver thought provoking ideas was valuable for all. He really stimulates you to think about what's most important both personally and professionally."
— Steve Terry, Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"I had the opportunity to have Greg join our Account Management and Communications staff at our retreat. Although it was promoted as professional development and training, I introduced him and his message as a gift. His message on how each of us needed and deserved to have the benefits that are afforded us by 'Watering our Bamboo' left our staff with a view of the personal fulfillment that challenges can provide. Gift your team with the chance to hear his message."
— Michael Alexander, Vice President of Account Management, Cambia Health Solutions (formerly Regence Group)

"Greg's Water The Bamboo philosophy appeals across the board and this is what makes him a great keynote choice for any event! His message was positively received by all."
— Lauren Malone, Managing Director of Meetings & Membership, Oregon Dental Association

"Bottom line, Greg's delivery and his program puts things in proper perspective in the simplest of terms; his control over the session was impeccable and yet easy to understand and appreciate. In today's world it's rare to find gems like Greg Bell who are so inspirational and motivate by example."
— Kirk T. Bachmann M.Ed, CEC, AAC, President, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago

"Greg Bell and his Water The Bamboo® program was a great centerpiece for our annual retreat. Greg is an engaging and positive presenter and focused our people on positive individual attitudes and interpersonal relationships. He really gets at what matters in an organization."
— Don Burns, Managing Partner, Miller Nash

"Greg did an extraordinary job presenting 'Revitalize Your Team' for our managers. The Water The Bamboo principles were seen as extremely valuable. Attendees commented that, Greg is a 'phenomenal speaker who engaged the audience with sincere, honest goodness,' who 'did a great job at infusing energy, positive outlook and ideas,' and he 'makes the information relevant, personally and professionally, to a wide audience.'"
— John Deller, Manager, Business Process & Analytics, Standard Insurance Company