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The Amazing Traveling Circus SideShow... The ATC SideShow
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Step right up and Witness the Strange, The Unusual & the bizarre. You've seen it on history's mysteries; You've seen it on the Discovery Channel! Now see it all Live and in person!
Welcome one & all to the Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow. featuring acts and performers such as: Miss Electra the Electric girl who will amaze you by sitting in Old Sparky and then having light bulbs light up from the touch of her finger and the tip of her tongue'

Miss Serpintina The Rubber Girl will entertain you by twisting and contorting her body thru a maze of blades

The Dean of Swords will then demonstrate the Centuries old art of Sword Swallowing and take it one step further by inviting an audience volunteer to assist in his act.

Mr Lifter will blow your minds by lifting not one but TWO bowling balls with nothing more than his ear lobes

See Mr Revolvo the man who can turn his head 360 degree's around.

See Mr Expando the man who's head grows and shrinks like a balloon before your very eyes!

See a Man Walk up a ladder of swords then walk down the ladder pressing each foot with his entire body weight onto the blades beneath his feet.

Witness the art of fire manipulation & Fire eating performed safely by our highly skilled fire performers.

Witness The Pain proof man lay atop a bed of over 500 nine inch sharpened gutter spikes and then not only have a volunteer from the audience stand upon his chest but take it a seemingly dangerous step further by having a 45 pound cinderblock chained and smashed on his chest with a 15 pound sledge hammer!

See all this and much more at the Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow
Suitable for all ages We have performed in the past for Kids Camps, Corp events, Private parties, & night Clubs. Performances can be performed Clean as an educational experience or for an Adult audience combining adult humor with a rock & roll Edge in a classic new vaudeville style.

The Show is self contained with costuming lighting sound and props provided.

Our requirements are a 10X10 performance area and a 220 electrical outlet.

The Show can be performed in or outdoors.

The ATC Sideshow reserves the right to change or delete certain acts due to surroundings and or staging conditions.