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Eddie Mays Interactive Comedy Murder Mystery Theater
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What Can You Tell Me About An Eddie May Interactive Comedy Mystery Party? It's a dark and stormy night and you're out on the high seas enjoying a delightful dinner with a group of newfound friends. One of the guests at your table, Sergei Karishnokov, leaves to make a phone call. Suddenly an unearthly scream pierces the air.

Sergei staggers into the room and back to your table, collapsing at your feet. You desperately rack your brain trying to remember if you wore your odor eaters. You realize you didn't once Sergie groans and stops breathing. You start to aplogize. Sergei momentarily regains conciousness, says "No Sweat," and, with his dying breath, whispers his wife's name. You grab your belongings and start to hightail it outta there! Sergei motions you to come closer, he struggles to speak. You lean forward to hear his urgent message, "Help me! It was. it was. Arghhh! It's too late, he's dead. Just then, Sergei's wife, Natasha, grabs your arm and pleads with you, "Don't leave me! I might be next!"

What to do? What to do? Oh the humanity! Is the killer seated at your table? Who's the next one to die? Where is Detective Eddie May when we need him?

You'll die laughing interacting with Eddie May Mystery characters over cocktails and dinner. Come alone, or with a group of friends, to a public performance or plot a private party for your group at either your place or one of our regular venues! Eddie May Mystery Interactive Mystery Dinners meet your needs for hilarious interactive entertainment for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktail parties and even picnics!