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The JD Hall Band

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JD Hall Band can start your party with smooth music for an enjoyable dinner set and we are then committed to keep your party jumping and your dance floor packed with top 40 dance hits, disco, R&B and classic rock. The Number One Lover Band Featuring JD Hall is a Los Angeles based party variety band. The band consist of their lead singer JD Hall, female dancer/singers who also perform lead songs and 4 musicians; guitar, bass, keys and drums.

JD Hall who is known for his 1980's disco hits; #1 Lover, Call Me Up and Wonder Woman to name a few and his entertaining showmanship. The female singers/dancers have the voices of angels and precision dance moves that are sure to entertain. The band musicians are all top professionals who have mastered the craft of their instruments and bring rhythm and soul like no others.

>The Band is no stranger to performing to large audiences as many as 20,000 and are just as dynamic performing to an audience of one.
For wedding and special events, the band comes with a band coordinator who will work with your organizers and wedding coordinators to ensure a smooth and successful event.

With JD's warm and charming personality with the ability to entertain an audience, you are promised a memorial experience for all. Regardless of the size of the audience, JD Hall and the Number One Lover Band will give you a show that you will not soon forget.