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Alice in Cooperland

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Alice Cooper has 25 gold albums and over 50 million records sold that include rock anthems such as Schools Out, Only Women Bleed, Poison, Billion Dollar Babies and Eighteen. Crowds roar as the hits keep coming, bringing back an era of nostalgia when rock stars were bigger than life. Although Alice's humor is very dark, the performances always leave you wanting more. No matter what happens on Alice Cooper's stage, or whatever evil story the lyrics tell, Cooper believes his job is to entertain and to leave the audience feeling like they were at "the greatest party in their lives:.

ALICE IN COOPERLAND is a tribute to the theatrics of Alice Cooper and a celebration of his music.

ALICE IN COOPERLAND creates an authentic stage show that makes you feel like you are hearing and experiencing the wild antics of Alice himself.

ALICE IN COOPERLAND's front man, Larry Cornwall, has the ability to portray the original master of theater and shock rock.

He is startling, both in vocals and his stage performance.

Great tribute bands are hard to find. They have to not only perform music that everyone knows, but they have to make you forget that you aren't seeing the band that they're paying homage to. When I made my way to the Cannery to see Alice In Cooperland I already knew that they were good, but this was my first chance to see the full extent of their talent. Not only was I impressed with the musicians on the stage, but the production was by far one of the best I've seen in a long time.

Alice In Cooperland takes the music and spirit that Alice Cooper pioneered, and brings it to the masses with nothing spared. The songs touch on all the greats like “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Feed My Frankenstein” and “Schools Out” while also bringing some songs that are probably forgotten like “Cold Ethyl”, “Only Women Bleed”, and “Dead Babies”. The whole time the stage show not only ties into the songs, but suspends time while you wonder how on Earth they're going to top what they just pulled off.

Larry Cornwall pulls off the most convincing Alice Cooper I've ever seen; actually looking so much like Alice on stage that you forget it isn't him, and the sound is spot on. In a city where tribute bands are everywhere it's not easy to draw a crowd and keep them engaged. Although people tended to at first be polite and stay at their tables by the end of the set the crowd was on its feet singing along and enjoying the show.

With multiple costume changes it's amazing that there is no real down time in between songs. What little there is gets filled seamlessly by other members of the band and stage crew. Speaking of the band, Larry is joined by Jeff Schofield on lead guitar and backing vocals, Rob Lontok on bass and backing vocals, Jeff Page on drums, and Michael Jacobson on keys. All are not only talented but engaging. Even with a slight hiccup with one prop the band kept playing and the audience kept cheering.

This L.A. based band is one that you need to go see if they ever play your town. I don't want to spoil any surprises, but I will say if you have a fear of balloons (like yours truly) stand towards the back of the room. I stayed right by the stage and was rewarded for conquering my fear, if only for the night. Keep your eyes peeled or I guarantee you'll miss something killer and you'll be asking your friends what just happened. Welcome to Alice In Cooperland's nightmare. I think you're gonna like it.