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Hand and Heart with Shauna Freidenberger
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Shauna Freidenberger B.F.A. is a clairvoyant and clairsentient who reads through the touch of the palm. Her objective is to be a vessel for the divine, your guides and angels in relaying messages and answers to any questions you may have.

Shauna began reading palms at the age of eight. Her readings are always of a positive and uplifting nature. which is great for all clients and any spiritual/religious back rounds. Which is great if you are wanting to give your guests a wonderful gift in the form of an intuitive reading.

Shauna also does individual consultations which are helpful with :

~Connect/reunite with passed loved ones.
~ Communicate with your spirit guides and angels.
~ Assist you with questions regarding your past, present and future.
~ Answer questions about paranormal activities
~ Answer questions about any future endeavors you may be thinking about pursuing
~ Help you figure out and better develop your own intuitive gifts, and how to further connect and grow your own intuition.

In addition for events and parties, Shauna's experience as a performer can be a great added element for your party. During events, guest often receive a palm reading/psychic reading that is safe and always from a positive perspective. People with any spiritual or religious background will leave feeling uplifted and satisfied with their reading. Shauna can also do various exercises with guests if they are interested in connecting with their own intuition.

Here are a few testimonials from past clients:

"Shauna's inspiring readings, as well as her gentle and positive personality, made my baby shower an extra-special experience for my guests. Upon seeing the smiles of fellow-guests and hearing the wonder and excitement in their voices, my shyer guests were intrigued. In fact, the uncanny accuracy of Shauna's readings created a bit of a sensation by the end of the party, so that even when the dishes were clean and the party favors were put away, there were still a few once-reluctant guests enthusiastically lined up and ready to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience that Shauna provides. I think she was a big part of the reason a lot of my guests left saying "Wow, that was the best baby shower ever!" It was a lot of fun!" Gin

"Shauna's intuitive readings are eerily good, grounded and straightforward with perceptive, artful analysis of the palms. Her interpretations and acuity are captivating, inspiring and delightful to say the least. she possesses a guiding light of insight from the heart. very cool stuff! Shauna's palmistry is charming and will make any wedding shower feel as divinely guided as your upcoming nuptials! " Annette