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Keith Cobb
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I am a full time professional variety entertainer who has performed in the Chicago area for over 20 years. I provide shows for both adult and children's events. I have won several awards over the years form my magic presentations, but also do juggling, balloon art, gambling presentations and themed characters and puppets.

Professional Magician Keith Cobb is Mr. Mystic Totally Mental! Crowds roar with laughter at this mind reading, spoon bending, mentally amazing, comedy show. You litterally won't believe your eyes. ESP, Telekinesis and mind control are all part of a days work for this veteran entertainer.

Professional Magician Keith Cobb has been performing full time for over 20 years. During that time he has won numerous magic awards and was President of the Wizards Magic Club of Chicago for ten of those years. His Close-Up presentations include card tricks, mind reading tricks, rope tricks, coin tricks, puzzles and tricks with every day objects. This can be performed as strolling or tableside entertainment.

This show presents gambling effects in interactive story presentations. Spectators try their luck at various games of "chance" involving cards, dice, the shell game, long chains and other fun bits of business. Along the way you will learn the history of these games, where they came from and why you just can't seem to win. Stories unfold as effects are presented and the games are played. Great for casino nights or trade shows.

Comedy Magic at its best. You'll laugh till you cry at his crazy antics with members of the audience. Keith has been performing professionally for over 20 years and has won several awards for his magic. You've never seen anything like this show. Great for banquets, group meetings and adult parties.

Tarot Card Reading for Party Entertainment. For a quick look into your Past, Present and Future. Is there a burning question that you have always wanted the answer to? No long, drawn out, boring readings done here. I do quick readings with only the major 22 Arcana. This also eliminates the long lines at parties of people waiting for a reading.