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Richard Rincon
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I am an actor , singer , guitarist, face painter , balloon artist , magician , martial artist , stuntman , fight choregrapher , costume and mascot character/performer.

STATS: Height: 5'7”
Weight: 155 Lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Salt & Pepper


Three Line Productions Actor Role: Portrayed customer in a
Title: Untitled Swap meet setting.
Location: San Diego, CA

Entertainment Partners & Central Casting Extra Role: Played a father of a small Title: Hospital family, in a horror film
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Golden Era Productions Extra Roles: Human Trafficker
Title: PSA #04 No Slavery
Youth for Human Rights
Location: San Diego, CA


GRB Entertainment Inc. Actor Role: Paramedic, Operating
Title: The Untold Stories of the E.R. Room Assistant
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

NBC Universal and Allentown Actor Role: Medicine Man for Native
Productions for “The History Channel” Indian Tribe
Title: Massacre at Mystic
Location: North Hollywood, CA

JC Uribe's Reality Show Actor Role: Played attorney husband
Title: Secretos (Spanish Drama) to cheating spouse.
Location: Burbank, CA

Stu Seagal Productions Actor Role: Portrayed vendor in a
Title: Veronica Mars Series Mexican border setting
Location: San Diego, CA


The Scream Zone Actor Roles: Played various horror
Location: Del Mar, CA characters for a seasonal
San Diego County outdoor haunted house

Frightmare on Market Street Actor Roles:
Location: San Diego, CA Played various horror
Characters for a seasonal
Outdoor haunted house

Clown Mates Entertainment Entertainer Roles:
Location: San Diego, CA Play various characters and
Superhero's for birthday parties;
Clown, power ranger,
Spiderman, pirate, Woody from
Toy Story, face painting, Elmo,
& make balloons


Stu Seagal Productions: Stuntman Role: Portrayed terrorist in a
Title: Operation Safeguard 7 Navy Seal training production
Location: San Diego, CA film


Fluent in Spanish, singer songwriter, guitar player, automotive technology trained, electronic technology experience, Martial Arts experience trained and former teacher, Martial Arts weapons trained-
(Nanchukus, Sword, Staff and Sais), kickboxing and boxing experience, former member of The San Diego
Chapter Guardian Angels and Street Patrol.


Designer of innovative inventions for the consumer market, creator of movie topics for the Entertainment Film Industry, as well as creator of characters and stories for children's books.