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Guy Bavli - Master of the Mind
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Guy Bavli is a renowned Mentalist, Speaker and Entertainer. Guy Bavli has left audiences bewildered with his Mind Power show. headlining in theaters, casinos, cruise lines, as well as, corporate events for Fortune 500 companies and more. Guy's global recognition has graced the stages of the Opera House in Frankfurt, Ateneo de Caracas, Caeser's Palace in Las Vegas, and most of the major TV networks worldwide including NBC's Phenomenon, MY Network's Masters of Illusions, History channel's Stan Lee's Super Human, Univision's Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco.

Guy Bavli redefines Mind Power entertainment, as we know it. It's not just an Illusion, magic, or hypnosis. it's a series of mind games composed of Telekinesis, telepathy, mind over matter, predictions, remote viewing and much more.

Guy Bavli uses psychology, physiology, illusions and intuition combined with the ability to access parts of the brain that are not usually registered. In fact, he claims that anyone can tap into their Sixth Sense.

With intriguing mystery and superior showmanship, Guy Bavli – Master of the Mind – is an experience so unique and fulfilling that you will question the things you saw . or did . for years to come! Dare to explore your mind!