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ProgKnowSys is the antidote to the often stale and predictable classic rock bar band found in many local bars and pubs. Our repertoire is a trip through the era that made rock great, with an emphasis on musicianship, authenticity, and the more challenging material that other bands can't or won't attempt. We stay away from the tired, overplayed bar band repertoire (i.e., Mustang Sally, Play That Funky Music White Boy, Brick House, Sweet Child o' Mine, etc.) but at the same time, every song we play is a well-known radio hit and still in regular rotation on classic rock radio - no obscure deep cuts from us. Well known songs by Kansas, Queen, The Who, Foreigner, Styx, Supertramp, Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Toto are just a few of the bands we feature in our repertoire. ProgKnowSys plays as a "cover" band, but do so with an attention for detail that you typically only hear from dedicated tribute bands. In the words of so many of our fans, “Truly, we nail this stuff!”. We have a blast doing it, and the crowd response has been fantastic everywhere we've played.