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LaBak The Magician
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Abracadabra! It's Magic! LaBak The Magician presents mysteries from the enchanting world of magic. He does amazing things, causes things to disappear, performs extraordinary mental feats, amuses and confuses, and all with a twinkle and a smile!

LaBak, whose real name is La Verne Bakkom, resides in Santa Clarita, CA. He has been delighting audiences for 39 years, performing a variety of magic programs for all ages. His greatest reward when performing is to see smiling faces "appearing" in his audience. Says LaBak, "That is real magic!"

What are some of the features of entertainment by LaBak?

- A delightful blend of mystery, comedy, audience participation and fun!
- High energy, enthusiastic performance
- Stand-up shows and close-up (strolling) magic
- Magic entertainment with a message also available such as "Magic with a Christian Flavor" and
"The Magic World of Reading"
- Clients find LaBak exceptionally easy to work with, thus freeing them to concentrate on other
aspects of the event.
- Very reasonable rates
- Client satisfaction absolutely guaranteed

Why choose magic entertainment by LaBak for your group?

Magic entertainment, properly performed, has incredible appeal. It stimulates the imagination, seemingly turns the world of science upside down and provides a journey into a wonderland of enchantment and illusion. Audience members come away with an experience they will remember. You, as the entertainment coordinator, will be credited for making a great choice.

What kind of venues does LaBak have experience with?

Here are just a few:

Corporate luncheons
Employee recognition events
Grand openings
Company picnics
Family Reunions
High School Reunions
Holiday celebrations (corporate and private)
Wedding Receptions
Social hours
Hospitality Rooms
Wedding Anniversaries
Neighborhood block parties
Church Fellowship nights
Sunday School Rallies
Birthday celebrations (all ages)
Children's parties
Teen events
Private parties
Libraries (specializing in summer reading programs)
Schools (including educational magic shows such as "The Magic world of Reading")
Scouting events

The list goes on and on, but you get the idea!

What do others say about LaBak?

Comments from a manager following a corporate team luncheon:
'The team had a great time. It was funny - we all got back to our floor and as I walked around a bit they were all in the aisles talking about "how do you think he did that. " You can certainly expect positive referrals from anyone on the team, myself included. You did a great job!"

Comments following a performance at a corporate team breakfast meeting:
"I'm glad you enjoyed performing for us because we totally enjoyed your performance! People have been smiling and laughing since this morning and I know it's because of you and your magic. Thank you for brightening our day and lightening our spirits. Your show was mesmerizing!

From an elementary school:
"Thank you for the very special magic show. You delighted us with your tricks, surprised us with the unexpected, and entertained us with your dialogue. You made each of us feel we were part of the show and we really enjoyed it!"

Another elementary school:
"The students and staff were truly amazed at your magic. Everyone enjoyed each of the shows. Thank you for adjusting them to the appropriate age levels. We would be delighted to have you return next year for another set of shows."

From an 8 year old birthday girl:
"Dear LaBak, You're the best magician ever. I like the trick when you made the big one dollar bill. Thanks for making my birthday fun. You're the best!"

Comment from a fellow magician:
"LaBak, you rock!"

An unsolicited comment:
"You are the greatest magician I have ever seen!"
Love, Mom

Experience the magic!