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Rebel Soul
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Rebel Soul: Southern-Classic-Country-Blues-Rock Talent, Energy, Experience, Stage Show, Costumes, Energy, Professionalism, Pro Gear, Great Vibe, Crowd Participation and more. Performance rates depending on the following particulars: Is Sound, Stage, Lighting, Sound Engineer and Back Line Gear Provided or does Rebel Soul need to provide everything. Every Set List/Song List can be customized to what the venue, club, client and event want. For example: Looking for A Southern Rock Band, Rebel Soul will perform just Southern Rock. Looking for A Classic Rock Band, Rebel Soul will perform just Classic Rock and so on.

Rebel Soul is available for: Corporate, Private, Clubs, Casinos, Festivals, Trade Shows, Conferences and more. Rebel Soul is based out of California and Las Vegas and travels all over to put on a great show.