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The Backbeats Beatle Tribute Band

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The Backbeats are a Beatle Tribute band. Based out of Los Angeles, The Members dress in the Traditional black suits worn by the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The Backbeats also wear Sgt. Peppers and Abby Road costumes.

All Members are veteran Beatle music player. Playing clubs and events throughout Los Angeles. The Band was formed in 2005. The Backbeats are well versed in all eras of the Beatles. From the early years to the Let it be era.

The Backbeats will have you singing along to all your Favorite Beatle tunes. The Backbeats recreate the look and the sound of the Beatles. Although You'll never see the real Beatles live again, Seeing the Backbeats perform will bring back all those great memories Of the Beatles.