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RhythmPlayers is a high-energy, versatile, refreshingly talented band that pleases audiences with dance music from 40's to “right-now,” easy listening, audience participating dancing and just “good-time, fun” tunes! It is always a great time with us.

Everyone goes away humming, singing and dancing after an evening with RhythmPlayers! Try us; you'll like us!

See you soon.

Vocalist Lin Broussard
Lin has a vast history of fronting bands with her vocal styles ranging from intimate
pop and jazz ballads to popular dance music including American, European and
Latin hits. Belting them out with the best, Lin attacks rock tunes with the
passion of each song's intent and lends just the right touch to torch songs.
Originally from Hawaii and headlining throughout the islands, Lin's performances
have taken her throughout the Pacific Rim to locations such as Japan, Guam,
Korea, Tahiti and the Phillipines. For such a world-class vocalist, Lin still
maintains the aloha spirit she grew up with.
Guitarist Dan Broussard
Dan's talents cover a broad range of musical expression ranging
from solid rhythms to generating ever appropriate lead guitar work. Playing
guitar since a teenager, Dan entered the rock world of the sixties and
expanding to the folk-rock and dance sounds of the 70's. The jazz bug
bit him in the 80's where he pretty much stayed until moving to Hawaii
and joining a Latin salsa band performing thoughout Hawaii and Tahiti.
Drummer Craig Newman
During a career that spans 3 plus decades, Craig has played with the famous, soon to be
famous, used to be famous and never will be famous. He's played all genres and styles from
drum and bugle corps to symphonies; art rock to zydeco. Craig's playing and style set him
apart from most other "drummers". Craig's lifelong musical journey has given him the chops
and musical sense to make the music he plays, enjoyable to all those that experience it.
Proficient in all percussion instruments, he currently plays a Roland V-Drums kit as it allows
for more expression and creativity in his current rolse as a member of the cover band, The
Saxist Keith Nordquist
Keith has played in about every single nightclub, reception room, grange hall, backyard theater
hall, juke joint in and around the Seattle area since he was eighteen. "I have literally played
The Paramount to the Fiddlers Inn, all the way to the top of the Smith Tower for the Mayor!"
Keith was an early W.B.S. Member and is still an active member today along with his wife,
soul mate artist who shares his passion. Keith (known back in the day as "Kiki Baba"
or "Swamie") spent many nights at the Owl Tavern jams during the 70's cutting his chops and
schmoozing with the best of them.
Bassist Rick Thomas
Rick Thomas was born and raised in the Kansas City area where he began layig and singing in
bands at about age 14. At various points he performed on keyboards/synthesizers, guitar,
saxophone and/or bass guitar. He was influenced by the pop, top 40, electronic and new wave
bands of the late 70's and 80's as well as numberous jazz artists. Working in a variety of
bands during that period, Rick played everything from rhythm and blues to country to rock. His
major bass guitar influences have been Geddy Lee and Victor Wooten. Beginning in the late
90's he sang lead and played keyboards and sax for about 12 years in a Kansas City dance
cover band working mainly corporate/civic events and private parties.