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The Hypnotic Experience
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I am a Washington, DC -based entertainer and comedian who performs a unique show called the "Hypnotic Experience." My performance blends stand-up comedy and improv with a demonstration of hypnosis and the power of positive visualization.

I can perform two versions: a) traditional stage show that runs an hour; or b) more informal walk-around where I engage small groups of guests in the crowd.

Here's why event organizers have selected Hypnotic Experience as part of their line-up of entertainment:

1. It's unique, memorable, and is all about creativity and visualization.

2. The guests who want to participate are the stars of the show.

3. It is easy to organize, requires very little set up and can be scheduled around other activities and entertainment.

4. It's incredibly family friendly and can be tailored to guests of all ages.

5. The guests can capture photos and videos of the show, and then share them with friends (makes for wonderful memories and helps with promotion).