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Jackson Caesar

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Jackson Caesar, born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Currently a resident in Washington, DC. He is one of Washington, DCs prominent male vocalists wowing audiences with his talent and skills, performing in five genres and four languages. Mr. Caesar, this exciting and versatile vocalist has enjoyed a variety of solo experiences and is frequently called upon to perform opening songs for motivational speakers, performing for a thousand plus audiences. With his fan base and "word of mouth" attracting crowds of various ethnic backgrounds, Caesar is known to draw at least 150+ audience for his recitals and concerts throughout the year. Throughout the year he continues to perform for weddings, funerals, churches, pageants, private engagements, recitals, concerts, etc. Words and phrases that best describe Caesar's music are: g.r.i.p. (Graceful, Refreshing, Inspiring and Powerful). Mr. Caesar strives for a global platform and is well on his way to becoming an international star.