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Chicos Paradise

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Chico's Paradise. We play a variety of original and standard material in a very Chico's Paradise kind of way- funky with a large dash of jazziness, topped with reggae and calypso, and dished out with a healthy portion of psychedelic groove. We've been a favorite for the dance, party, and chillin' out crowds since I put it together in 1996 when I lived in Aspen.

Most of music we play has been composed by Scot Ranney. Our sound is a blend of jazz, reggae, funk, and latin. We've been compared to MMW, Brecker Brothers, Return to Forever, and other jazz/rock groups out there.

Currently Scott Mercado (formerly of Candlebox) plays drums, Steve Kim plays electric bass, and Scot Ranney is on the keyboard. Andrew Simmons also plays the bass for Chico's at times.

With the Full Quartet, You can enjoy everything. Standards, Swing Blues. Music to Bring your Party on Home.

The experience of playing music in some of the most regal venues in the world has given Scot a deep sensitivity when it comes to his musical selections. What ever occasion you need music for, from candlelight to parties and dancing to groove and late night jazz, Scot will help make the atmosphere enjoyable and the experience memorable.

Scot Ranney has the perfect sound for what ever you want. If it's a quiet special evening you are seeking, solo piano, a jazz trio for intimate dinners, larger groups for dancing, and even late night psychedelic groove music. The jazz trio or the whole band will keep your guests up and dancing all night long. Scot has the ability and to offer traditional and nontraditional music for your wedding depending on your preference. With Scot Ranney, your ceremony will be exactly the way you want it.