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Dennis Blanchard demonstrates that magic must be entertaining and fun, and that it also is an art form. The point is not to fool, but to invoke a sense of wonder and amazement. His magic is state-of-the-art like David Copperfield, Criss Angel and David Blaine. From multiplying your money to mind reading - there's lots of audience participation. Your guests will feel special, and will have lots to talk about. Magic can be a great “ice breaker!"

So why not have a magician at your function? Magic is not just for kids! Dennis Blanchard entertains adults as well as children in many formal and informal settings, such as for corporate buffets, gala fundraisers, country clubs and wedding receptions. Any venue will be enhanced by his world-class close-up magic.

There are times during a wedding reception when the guests are waiting. Dennis can set your guests at ease. Magic, whether in the lounge or at the tables, is a great way to entertain during these times. Why not make your wedding more magical? Dennis provides this great "ice-breaker" to get people talking and having fun. Your wedding will be even more memorable.

Even if you've already planned entertainment, close-up magic is an added ‘extra' to make your guests feel special. It's a delightful ice-breaker and conversation starter for your guests during cocktail hour, time waiting for dinner, time before the main event, or waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at their reception.

It's easy to add Eventful Magic to your entertainment budget. Rates are quite reasonable, and magic adds excitement and sparkle to your event. Book Dennis now for a truly memorable occasion.