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Frankie Pace
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Frankie Pace has appeared on Saturday Night Live, The Cosby Show, Cinemax, The Joan Rivers Show, Make Me Laugh, Comedy Tonight, Carolines Comedy Hour,Malcom Jamahl Warner's "Show Offs" and other shows to numerous to mention. Frankie Pace's humor tends to be silly, but it's infectious; every audience is totally consumed with his deployment and his own enjoyment. He does impressions that no one in their right mind would think of. Who else goes around imitating a CB radio, a lawn sprinkler, or the first astronaut to sneeze in outer space? They say a good comic will say funny things but a great comic will say things funny. A special trait which makes good design for the comedy of Frankie Pace. With an engaging personality and twenty years of experience under his belt Frankie has worked every format available. How many comedians can boast that their first comedic appearance on national television was as a guest on Saturday Night Live?