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Christopher Johnedis
Drum, Percussion Ensemble, Funk Music, Jazz, Jazzy, Latin, Music of Latin America, Original, Original Music, Pop, Popular and Hit Music, Standards, Classic American Songbook, Swing, Swing Music
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The most rewarding part of my music career is taking my drum set to new places to play with new players for new audiences. To manifest that reward, I seek out these experiences with every sort of musician. I currently work with Catherine Feeny (singer/song-writer), Will West (funk and bluegrass), Paleo (indie-rock), Haste (punk rock), The Jim Prescott Trio (jazz), Thollem McDonas (avant garde), and Tunde Baiyewu (pop). While I love constantly challenging myself to be in projects and sessions in new genres, jazz music and swinging is closest to my heart. Bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, and piano trios have educated and informed most significantly my musicianship; however, I love everything that swings hard -- be ragtime or hip hop. I am fortunate to have relationships with a huge number very talented musicians who take their work very seriously. I look forward to bringing them to your event, and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing whatever tunes you have in mind.