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International Pro-Singer Barbara Ochoa

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Barbara W. Ochoa
Vocal Artist
International Jazz and Pop

Available to perform in San Francisco, Los Angeles and all of the state of California. I also work in Las Vegas and Chicago.

I am a solo singer that designs bands around me. That type of flexibility allows me to fit all types of budgets and situations. I can come as a solo singer with recorded music, a duo with a piano player (and recorded music if needed) or a full live band with 4+ musicians depending on your event. I can even hire a DJ to come with the band which is becoming all the rage now.

My style of handling any job is to use my lifetime of experience and read what a crowd responds to depending on the ages and cultures that are in attendance. If the crowd responds to jazz, swing, older classic rock, 80s, etc., that is what they get. If they respond to Salsa or current radio hits the DJ type recorded music gives my group the range to please everyone.

I am all about what the client wants and how to make everyone have a good time. Your party is in good hands with the act I can provide. :)

Below is my Bio
Barbara Ochoa began discovering her vocal talents in high school, at first as a hobby and then as her life's work. She is an Honors graduate from Columbia College with a major in vocal performance and audio engineering/production.

Barbara is an accomplished vocalist and a veteran of the stage and studio. She has had two singles and two full length CD releases and is currently working on her third CD. She has performed extensively at ballrooms, hotels, temples, churches, and private homes in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Chicago areas and has toured in the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe. For the past 8 years, she has been performing for the diverse Elite International Community of Southern California. In 2010, she relocated to the San Francisco Bay area and now is performing in both Northern and Southern California.

Trained as a jazz singer, Barbara covers all styles of music and sings in 6 different languages. She has years of experience as a studio session singer and with vocal harmonies as a backup singer. Barbara has performed in a wide range of instrumentations, ranging from solo piano to singing with tracks to 15 piece dance bands. Her experience as a professional model has enhanced her dynamic stage presence. She is also quite funny and brings joy and passion to her listeners. Come to see her sometime? It will be a memorable evening.