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Boomer Power with Billy Mitchell

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A Featured 3 Star Act!

Join us for a fun night of tribute to the Baby Boomer Generation with Billy Mitchell and Boomer Power.

Boomer Power is a feel-good show that explores our Boomer experiences through original music, Boomer humor, interactive games, and satirical observations.

Take a break from health care scares, financial flip-flops, political pandemonium, natural disasters, culture clash and information overload. have some fun. revel in our Boomerdom. feel good for a change. Boomer Power will give you a bigger lift than any 5 hour energy drink.

"As if being a child of the sixties isn't enough, navigating these digitally driven, smart phone fueled, social media mania times provided more than enough inspiration for the show." says Billy.

The songs in the show contain the usual mix of satire and sentiment that characterizes Billy's original music with tunes like: "Assisted Livin'", "You Still Got it", "Re-Tired", "Gettin' Old Ain't for Sissies", "Prescription Drugs", I wish I Could Remember What I Said I'd Never Forget" as well as RI based tunes like "I Know a Guy" and "Meet Me under the Shepard's Clock" have been getting a lot of interest of late.

"Bill Copeland Music Notes" says “Boomer Power” is: "A treat to anybody from Mitchell's' generation. He paints his own pictures. so vividly. It's easy to feel the frustrations, losses, victories, and joys he sings of because he relates them with a keen narrator's eye. "

Billy Mitchell has been writing and performing for over 30 years at many local and regional venues including AS220, Providence 375 Celebration at PPAC, Charlie Hall's Ocean State Follies, Sandywoods Center for the Arts, Fort Adams, Newport Yachting Center, numerous Rhode Island waterfront venues as well as many radio and television appearances.

Inspired by the wit of Alan Sherman, the eccentricity of John Prine, with a dash of Spike Jones and Ray Stevens thrown in for good measure, Billy's songs resonate, involve and entertain, making for a fun filled tribute to the “me generation”.