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Amazing Hypnotist James Kellogg Jr.
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America's funniest Hypnotist James Kellogg, Jr. helps audience members find their inner-Superstars in his delightful Comedy Hypnosis show. The sixty minute show is a fast-paced blend of comedy, music and audience antics. You will laugh hysterically as James takes audience volunteers on a guided tour through their imaginations with HILARIOUS results! This show takes entertainment to a whole new level!

Laughter, surprise, excitement, and thrills are just a few of the consequences when the science of hypnosis meets the art of theatre. Each show is unique when James turns audience members into celebrities right before your eyes! You will be amazed at the unbelievable hidden talent your spouse, friends or coworkers will demonstrate when under hypnosis. All of their inhibitions are gone and they have the time of their lives! These volunteers will experience a range of emotions and you can never tell what might happen when this lively entertainer takes the stage. His style is high energy, clean and refreshing without embarrassment or profanity. The audience volunteers are always respected because they are the stars of the show! When awaked, they will feel like they just came back from a long vacation or slept better than they can remember. They awaken refreshed and feeling great! Even the hardcore skeptics will walk away from this show believing the impossible and be thoroughly convinced.

Hypnosis is a VERY real thing and now you can see it for yourself! Stage hypnosis is the only form of entertainment where the volunteer audience members literally become the stars of the show. You will be talking about this show for days. while some of the surprised volunteers still have no idea what they did on stage! It is a superb performance filled with intrigue and laughter. It's like getting a dozen entertainers for the price of one.