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Arturo Echarte (Acoustic for a Change)
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Arturo is a Solo Instrumental Acoustic Guitarist. A Cuban-American originally from the South Florida area Arturo started Acoustic for a Change in 2007. Arturo's Spanish/Flameco style of music has provided a wonderful backdrop for Gallery Openings, Fundraising/Charity events, Weddings, Churches, Cafes, Business Socials and Dinner Parties for over 15 years. He specializes in creating a relaxing acoustic musical environment for conversation and socials.

Reviews: "
Arturo Echarte & Acoustic for a Change is refreshing in this day and time. Arturo is as pleasant and pleasing as anyone could be. Add his acoustic talent and you have the whole package. Really good stuff. The icing on the cake is his mission to help and support young musicians. It doesn't get better than this."

"A local event planner recommended that we hire Arturo Echarte for our Invitation Only Open House so we took her advice. The impact of Arturo's music as attendees walked into our office courtyard cannot be understated. Beautiful music set the stage for us to share our new video studio with our clients and prospects. When people walked through our doors they were already engaged and ready to hear more."