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Frank King Certified Laugh Coach and Stress Reduction Specialist
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Why book him? He was featured on CNN's Business Unusual, and has written for Jay Leno for the last two decades. He does keynote speaking highlighting the power of humor, and featuring comedy that is clean, clever, and customized to your attendees, and the theme and goals of your event.

In addition to performing keynotes he's been busy selling jokes. He's written for Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, and Dennis Miller.

Humor to Heal Speech: LOL, Living On Laughs

Day in and day out people face pain, loss, stresses and personal messes. As a Certified Laugh Coach, Stress Reduction Specialist, and Professional Comedian since 1985 who has totaled one marriage, two heart valves, and three cars, and turned a million dollar real estate portfolio, amassed by age 52, into, thanks to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing, a $125,000 real estate portfolio by age 53, I offer time-tested tools for using humor to turn pain into punchlines, losses into laughs, and messes and stresses into successes.

Networking Speech: Make a Living and a Difference

I speak to anyone who works in sales and wants unending referals, with no cold calling. As a Certified Networking Pro, and Professional Comedian with 29+ years collecting and connecting people, whose Mom taught to him that “givers gain,” I teach people to use time tested tools, on and off line, to maximize their daily contacts, leverage their relationships, and generate ongoing career opportunities, by giving value first.

Heart Health Speech:

I speak to cardiac caregivers, and anyone who has had open heart surgery, or is related to someone who has, and knows the fear, pain and uncertainty, involved. As a Certified Laugh Coach, a Professional Comedian for the last 29 years, and a survivor of two aortic valve replacements, and a double bypass, I use humor to heal hurting hearts one ticker at a time, and to teach one and all how to live life heart healthy happily.

Clean, Clever, Customized Comedy, Just Frankin' Funny:

I speak to anyone who needs a laugh. As a Certified Laugh Coach, and full time Professional Comedian for the last 29 years, who got in trouble in high school over and over, for doing what he gets paid for now, I take people who have been sitting through laborious meetings all day long, and using clean, clever, customized comedy, make ‘em forget their problems, and laugh their fannies off.

He's shared the platform with:

Jerry Seinfeld
Ellen DeGeneres
Rosie O'Donnell
Kevin Nealon
Dana Carvey
Andrew Dice Clay
Lou Rawls
The Beach Boys
Neil Sedaka
Randy Travis
The Fifth Demension
Nancy Wilson
Robin Williams
Rodney Dangerfield
Dennis Miller
Paula Poundstone
Jeff Foxworthy
Ron White
Bill Engval
Carol Leifer
Kathleen Madigan
Kevin James
William Webster (former head of the CIA)
Carrot Top
Jay Leno
Joan Rivers
John Carradine
Senator Byron Dorigan
Ed McMahon
John Byner
Frank Caliendo
Jim Carrey
Sam Kinison
Bill Hicks
Jon Stewart
Bill Maher
Brad Garrett
Ray Ramano
Marsha Warfield
Steve Harvey
Imo Phillips
Rita Rudner
Kevin Pollack
David Spade
George Lopez
Pauly Shore
Sammy Shore
Argus Hamilton
George Campbell (aka: Joe Malarky)
Blaine Capatch
Willie Tyler and Lester
Lorna Luft
Adam Sandler
JJ Walker
Shirley Hemphill
Richard Jeni
Jamie Diamond (CEO Citicorp)
Crystal Gayle
Penn and Teller

And companies I've spoken for: Pepsico
Taco Bell
Sun Trust Bank
Sam's Club
Ford Motors
Piggly Wiggly
Harley Davidson

And I helped these comics get their start:

Retta Sirleaf (now on NBC's “Parks and Rec”)
John Reep (won “Last Comic Standing”)
Dr. Ken Jeoung (aka: Dr. Ken, seen most recently in the “Hangover” movies)