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Gus Brett (Gusmo)

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Gus Brett otherwise known as GUSMO is a solo singer, songwriter, and performer. He plays acoustic guitar and harmonica and uses a high quality drum machine for rhythm section. GUSMO is the author of over two hundred original songs that combine Rock, N Roll, Blues, Country, Ballads and Folk together for a unique and energizing experience. GUSMO also has a cover list of seventy classic rock n roll and ballad songs. GUSMO plays in a wide variety of venues including bars, restaurants, coffee shops, private parties and a number of charitable venues. GUSMO has been noted as a major local talent by Acoustic Scene Magazine and has played over 200 shows this year. GUSMO plays for a wide variety of ages and interests. From our children to our teens to our elders GUSMO to play has something for everyone. Professionalism, care, respect and paying attention to his audience are GUSMO's business philosophies. Thank you for your time and consideration.