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Hear No Evil
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If you grew up listening to rock music like AC/DC, Tedd Nuggent, Aerosmith, Bush, or the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band you'll love these guys. They play tunes from these and many others in their lively performances.

Meet the Band:

Bill "The Cat" Smith

Bill "The Cat" Smith, vocalist for Hear No Evil, is an Edinboro University graduate with a degree in music education. Hear No Evil follows a long list of various bands and ensembles from rock to jazz, percussion to brass, and as well as classical to musical theater that he has performed with and managed. Cat feels that Hear No Evil is the finest collaboration of musicians that he has had the pleasure to work with.

Chuck "Oup" Norris

Chuck started playing guitar at age 10. When he was 12 he played in front of his first audience. He first played in a club at 14 and continued to age 17. Then played in 50's,60's and 70's rock band from age 17 to 18. Joined US Air Force at age 18 and played blues rock band in Delaware in early 90's until he returned to Erie, PA in 1995 and helped form Hear No Evil.

Kirk Alexander

Kirk was born and raised in Erie, PA . He has been playing drums for 20 years. He played in my first money making band when he was 17 years old. He's been with Hear No Evil since the formation of the band and has played in different bands with all the other members.

Tom Denning

Tom has been playing guitar seriously since the age of 16. Tom studied under Bruce Bennett for two solid years and developed a good friendship with him. He now plays lead guitar in Hear No Evil.