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Henrik Bothe
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Bringing a Conference to the Pacific Northwest?

Pinch yourself! You've discovered the one-stop, flat-fee, no-brainer solution for the domestic and international conference planner seeking quality entertainment that is on time, on budget, and on target.

Domestic or International?

Give your group the gift of a truly international entertainer. Danish born Henrik performs his hilarious and clean physical comedy show in 1, 2, 3, or 4 languages to make sure everyone is in on the fun. Can you say mass appeal?

Is He Afraid to Fly?

Now working almost exclusively in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Henrik has performed in four languages, 50 states, and 22 countries since 1984. Staying local allows him to service Seattle, Portland, and surrounding area clients with a truly international show, at a local price – and he gets to wake up with his family which makes him very happy. And when the performer is happy, the audience is happy!

When not performing in the Pacific NW, Henrik has appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, at Ceasars Palace in Vegas, and even did a guest spot on Garison Keillors A Prairie Home Companion. yes a juggler on a radio show.

So What Does He Do?

He brings audiences to their feet while sharing with them the most powerful of gifts – laughter.

How does he do it? Mix the gentle humor of Victor Borge, the physical agility of Kramer, and the cross-generational appeal of Bill Irwin and you have some idea of what Henrik Bothe brings to the stage.

He walks on ladders, spins ropes, juggles without using his hands, manipulates fancy hats, and rides a unicycle that's higher than the expectations you have for your group's entertainment program. He walks with 4 legs, escapes from a straight jacket, and blows your audience's collective mind as NeonMan – a glowing alien that floats and flies and mesmerizes.