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Whozyamama Cajun & Zydeco Band

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WHOZYAMAMA cajun and zydeco band is playing in the the Louisiana creole style. "Who's your mama?" is also what folks from there just gotta do when they meet and they'll keep on till they figure out how they are related. So come'n in and play whozyamama wid' us. What 'dey sayin?

Chris from Bremerton emailed to say what a good time he had at the May 5th dance. He is going to tell all his friends to come to the next fais do do.

Theresa called in to say she so happy to WHOZYAMAMA will playing Zydeco.

(Folks came from as far as Port Townsend for the dance---right on!!!)

Rachel emailed to say she has been listening to the french recording of "Silent Night" on "midwinter graces" and that she'd buy the CD just for that song.

Peter woke up in Juneau Alaska laughing out loud because of the great time he'd had at the WHOZYAMAMA dance the night before. that and the joke Claudette told about Cinderella Trahan.