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Frenzy is a live music dance band consisting of seasoned, experienced musicians who thrive on entertaining the audience. Frenzy is a versatile band who can customize their set lists at every event with a wide variety of music to fit all ages and preferences of music, whether it is Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, Disco, Jazz, Latin or Country.

Frenzy goes beyond playing the standard songs that most bands are playing today. We showcase our unique talent by playing exhilarating, refreshing renditions of hits from the 60's to the present (Metro-Retro) and have the skill to play requests for music from all eras and genres.

Frenzy brings in their own props (hats, hand percussion instruments, etc.) to encourage audience participation and contribute to the party atmosphere. Frenzy's versatility ranges from subdued, sophisticated music for elegant dinner set all the way to an exciting, stimulating disco/rock dance set.