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Alla Breve Duo

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Alla Breve (a musical term meaning "with a feeling of two") is a guitar and flute duo dedicated to providing live music that is perfectly suited for your occasion. Choose from a broad range of music styles, including a sophisticated classical repertoire, tasteful and creative jazz standards and originals, and recognized and well-loved popular favorites. Or,request a sensitive blend of styles.Alla Breve's smooth and lyrical sound can provide the ideal atmosphere for weddings, religious services, social gatherings and educational events.

The husband-wife team of guitarist Steven and flutist Kristine has performed at hundreds of weddings and other events over the years. Their partnership conveys the sense of harmony and rapport that only comes with years of sharing the enriching experience of dedicated professional musicianship. The Advantages of Guitar and Flute: Beauty of Sound: Lush guitar chords combined with the singing quality of the flute blend to create a uniquely broad palate of tonal colors. Solo plus accompaniment instrumentation is ideal for recognized and well-loved melodies as well as sophisticated arrangements.

Versatility: Guitar and flute duo issuitable for all styles of music, and fits into any venue. We provide a sound of majesty and ethereal beauty for church or other religious services, grace and elegance for garden ceremonies and other outdoor functions, and upbeat rhythm for a lively club or cocktail hour atmosphere.

Carefully chosen sound equipment ensures that our music can easily fill a large space; at the same time we can deliver a subtle acoustic sound appropriate for more intimate occasions. Affordability: In addition to being portable and flexible, the small two-person ensemble helps keep the price down, while still providing the widest possible range of musical styles and selections.