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For corporate events, parties, conventions, and other occasions, Global Heat provides high-energy music & dance entertainment of with professionalism and spirit. Working with clients to meet their vision and make each event a great successful, we offer several options, some of which include audience participation.

Winner of the 2011 Jammin' Challenge produced by Seattle Wave Radio and the Hard Rock Cafe, Global Heat has toured nationally and internationally to provide high-energy entertainment for festivals, concerts, and other events. As the recipient of a prestigious Seattle Next50 grant, Global Heat headlined a multi-cultural performance in Back to the Future: The Roots of Hip Hop in Ancient Cultures premiered in 2012 at Seattle's Intiman Theatre. Global Heat has also received 2012-2014 arts funding from 4Culture and Arts Crush. Formed in 2002 as a collaboration of international musicians living in the Pacific Northwest (USA), Global Heat was a featured act at the 2006 Shanghai International Music Festival for a week of performances in China. Based in Seattle (USA), band members have performed in over 25 countries worldwide, including tours of Japan, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Global Heat's cross-generational and cross-genre appeal makes them a favorite of diverse audiences. Their lead artists are well known internationally, with Justice attracting audiences up to 10,000 in SE Asia and Kama a former member of Kenya's top hip hop group Kalamashaka. Orbitron, who is one of Seattle's most celebrated hip hop emcees and B-boys, is also a founding member of Circle of Fire and SoulShifters. In addition to his work with Global Heat, Orbitron has been featured at international events such as Battle of the Year 2000 (Germany), Dance Delight 2001 (Japan), Armory Cup 2006 (Korea), and Juste de bout 2007 (Paris). He has been an invited judge and featured dancer at major annual break-dance competitions in Seoul, Korea for almost a decade.