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The Beatless

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The Beatless, (That is, The Beatles with an extra 's') formed in 1993. Since then, we have not changed our name, and we are far from beatless! We actually have one of the greatest drummers around. We are not a Beatles tribute band, although we can play a wide selection of their music. The Beatless song list reads like the menu from a fine restaurant, with a great variety of new and old favorites to interest all types of listeners. We play many styles of music, from the late 50's to the present such as R&B, Swing, Disco, Surf, Latin, and British Invasion. We tailor our performance to the age and preferences of our audience and/or theme of event. Electric or acoustic, we can meet many requirements. We are constantly expanding our repertoire and happily honor requests to learn special numbers for weddings or other themed events. We have performed in a variety of venues in the past 20 years, entertaining thousands of Southern California Fans. We've played for schools, Universities, LDS and other church dances, city and corporate functions, weddings, and other private events. Indoors or out, the Beatless' concerts have been a return favorite time and time again for many of customers.

Currently, The Beatless consists of 5 musicians with over 100 years of combined experience. We continue to work towards developing our repertoire, as well as our long term relationships with our clients.