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Kevin Benedict Auctioneer
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Kevin has spent a lifetime in the theater, and travelled across the country sharing his original music. For 15 years he has been using his stage skills to help non profit organizations as a Charity Benefit Auctioneer.

His original music has been featured on ABC television, and he has written and performed original shows and music for many individuals and corporations such as Sprint, Microsoft and Bank of America.

Flowers are nice, and Candy isn't really good for you, but a Singing Telegram lasts forever (at least the photo's and video's do!) To see some video snippets of the funny and fabulous characters, click here.

Kevin has made a life long study of voice and teaching techniques. His vocal seminars for Choirs and vocal groups receive rave reviews.

Trained by the great Mardi Newman, Kevin has gained accolades in 4 states. Whether it's Artwork (a particular specialty), trips, physical items, dinners, wine or entertainment, Kevin can get the most for your Acquisition. Along with Attendance and Attitude (the three “A”s of Auctioneering*) an auction needs momentum, a sense of the audience, timing and real, not faked enthusiasm. Kevin is genuinely thrilled to be able to use his talents to help non-profit organizations to raise as much money as possible in today's climate.

Kevin Brings a sense of fun that is unrivaled. 12 years of experience and a background in the Theater bring out the enthusiasm and bring up the bid cards.

Kevin knows the evening and the business inside and out. Auction meetings can be fun as well as productive. Kevin loves auction meetings.
Put the fun in fundraising

It turns out, not to anyone's surprise, that when people are having a good time they stay in their seats and spend more.

A sense of the audience

As a professional performer, Kevin knows how to feel a crowd and bring out their best. Guests don't leave Kevin's auctions because he knows how much to squeeze and when to let go. The guests can see from the start that he values their time as well as their presence.

Volunteer training
Kevin will work with and train your spotters, handlers, clerk recorders, runners and announcer.

Lots of ideas
We have learned a lot about how to maximize an event, and Kevin knows all the tricks.

Timing and momentum
The secret of show business is also the secret of a successful auction. In essence, an auction is a kind of theater production. The dinner is part of the show, so are the raffles, the AV productions and the donors.