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The Hiwatters are the SF Bay Area Premier Surf Music Ensemble.

We are solid, reliable and very entertaining.

Depending on the venue we sometimes show vintage surf videos during our performances with our projector. When performing at outdoor events, we bring hula hoops & a limbo stick to get people involved and dancing.

We know how to work the room and adjust our volume & material when necessary.

We have all our own equipment and a positive attitude. Surf music appeals to people of all ages and is appropriate for many different types of venues.

Formed during the stormy winter of 2006 under harsh conditions,the Hiwatters have chosen to exude the power and majesty of the ocean's roar. Vintage surf guitar classics peppered with modern driving rhythms. Drenched in reverb and high on style, the Hiwatters are keeping the swing of classic surf music alive in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The Hiwatters are Jochen Kahns:guitar, Adrian Maestas:bass, and Drums: Joel Simpson