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Mario Lorenz The Laffmaster
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The versatile wit and comic interplay of Mario Lorenz mesmerizes audiences everywhere. He responds to all situations by creating improvised call-backs on the spot. From falling on a cello for the Atlanta Symphony, to being a finalist in the Captain Kangaroo competition, to producing tent shows throughout the United States, he has traveled nationwide and entertained audiences in comedy and country clubs, festivals and fairs as well as for major corporate events. Mario has appeared on "Northern Exposure" and "America's Funniest People". He has also entertained audiences for 1996 Olympic Games, Seattle Symphony and even Gophercount in Viola, Minnesota. His humor truly levitates an audience to an experience of joy and exhilaration.

Skills: Silent Communication • Comedy • Physical Dexterity • Confidence • Acting • Public Speaking • Presentational Skills • Audience

Understanding yourself, your goal/objective and your audience is paramount to success when making a presentation to any group.

Knowing yourself: Development of skills in the presentational arts

Knowing your goals/objectives: To make a successful presentation it is vital that you know your reason for presenting.

Knowing your audience: The presentation fulfills the expectations of the audience