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Mark Wesling Guitarist
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The elegant, intimate sound of the classical guitar has captivated audiences for over 400 years. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, the classical guitar can be enjoyed by groups of 10, 50, or even 500 guests. For larger gatherings, a high quality PA system is used for slight amplification that allows your guests to enjoy the music while complementing your event. With the right guitarist, you are assured of a memorable event—whether it is a wedding, company gathering, or refined celebration.

“Thank you so much for performing at our exhibit in Strawberry Square. Your music was enchanting as always.”
Elizabeth Yui
Director, Perry County Council of the Arts
Quality. Professionalism. Personalized service. I work with my clients to select music that has special meaning for them and enhances the occasion. Because my repertoire includes many hours of music from a wide range or periods and styles, you are assured of a performance that fits your needs.

Pricing. My services are surprisingly affordable. My fee is based on the nature of your event, the music required, and the length of time you would like me to play. Also, discounts are available if you would like to have me play for more than one part of your event (Ex: Wedding and Cocktail hour).

Repertoire. My repertoire includes many hours of music: Baroque, Renaissance, Romantic, Contemporary, Spanish Flamenco, Sacred and Secular pieces, Original Compositions and much more. (See Recordings for selections and sound clips.)

In addition, I can include specific requests for your event. If a music selection is not available for the solo guitar I can create a guitar arrangement so it can be enjoyed at your event.