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Quichua Mashis

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The music of Quichua Mashis (keychewah mashees) is the traditional music from the Andes mountains. Better known as the Inka Empire, this region of South America covers Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The Indigenous peoples of the area have an extensive and extraordinary history. A significant part of their culture is their music. It is considered to have a spiritual capacity and many of the melodies are rhythms are intended to represent the different aspects of their lives and their relationship to mother earth, or 'Pacha Mama.' Many of those who enjoy the music describe the effect as "haunting." The Instruments are what gives the music it's unique sound. The various Zamponas (pan flutes) each have their own voice and are intended for distinct purposes. They are handmade from bamboo. The Quenas resemble flutes and carry the higher tone. These are also hand made from bamboo. The Bombo (drum) is unusual in appearance due to the use of goat skin, complete with wool. The Chakchas are also a pre-Columbian instrument. They are made from the hooves of goats. The Charango resembles a guitar but is only about 24 inches long and has 10 strings. Accompanying the traditional instruments are the guitar, bandolin and violin. The Members are Inka Quichua Indians from the mountains of Ecuador and have traveled through Europe and the United States since 1985. To heighten awareness of their ancient culture they perform traditional music from the Andes and arrange educational projects.. The art of playing this music has been handed down from grandfather to father to son through the millennia.