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Phil Van Tee
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Unique, Clean, Entertaining! Seen and heard on Dr. Demento, Mad TV, The Man Show, E! Entertainment, A&E, Comedy Central, Si-TV, And Numerous Appearances On Nickelodeon. Proud 2003 Winner Of A “Telly” Award (Cable T. V.'S Version Of The Emmy). Phil Van Tee Standup Comedy, Mountain Banjo, And Hilarious Songs! Humorist, Musician, Storyteller, And Folk Artist. A Graduate Of Ringling Bros. Clown College, Mr. Van Tee has tickled funnybones all across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean. Born In Chapel Hill, now hiding out in the concrete mountains Of LA, long and lanky Phil Van Tee is the hilarious 'Tall Teller Of Tales'.

As a comic, Phil has an amazingly well defined character. His performance is clean and strong with silly stories and quick, funny jokes about his strange grandfather, his 3 wives, his misadventures with pets, and his bizarre comedy travels. Phil has performed over 11,000 shows in The past quarter century, from circus mud show to shiny TV! 11,000 shows? Why not make it 11,001? Over his long and noble career, Phil has performed with: Paula Poundstone, Denis Leary, Rosie O'donnel, Jay Leno, Cheech Marin, Bobcat Goldthwaite, Will Durst, Dana Gould, Steve Harvey, The Maguire Sisters, Andy Kindler, Marc Maron, Wendy Liebman, Steve Marmel, Kevin Meany, Lenny Clarke, Patton Oswald, Tom Parks, Rick Overton, Greg Proops, Mort Sahl, Mark Schiff, Rob Schneider, Craig Shoemaker, Margaret Smith, Chris Titus, Bob Zany, Ellen Degeneres, Carlos Alazraqui, Amazing Jonathon, Sammy Shore, Pauly Shore, John Byner, Dana Carvey, Margaret Cho, Anthony Clark, Sinbad, Wayne Cotter, Dave Coulier, Jim Breuer, David Cross, Diane Ford, Jeff Foxworthy, Janeane Garofalo, Sam Kinison, Rich Jeni, Jake Johanson, Sue Murphy, David Feldman, Matt Weinhold, George Miller, Drew Hastings, Tom Rhodes, Emo Philips, The Unknown Comic, Vic Dunlop, Bruce Baum, Bill Kirchenbauer, Kip Adotta, Argus Hamilton, Roseanne Barr and countless more!